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Paywall Bypass How to Bypass Paywall (Upgrade) and Read Full Article?

We loved medium, for its simplicity. But no more. They have added a paywall to read their articles. Once you read few articles, they will ask you to upgrade.

We Only able to see the first paragraph, like this:

Medium Paywall

The Solution?

1. Log out from and refresh the page.

Yes. Just logout from your medium account.

2. Delete Cache

Sometimes, it won't still work because they store the data. For that you can just delete their site cache by opening Inspect Element => Application => Clear Site Data

3. Incognito Mode

Sometimes its easier to open the URL in an incognito mode which makes sure there is no cache involved. Also you don't need to sign-out.

3. Outline to the Rescue

Outline is a simple service which converts normal webpages to a readable format. Since this website caches content before reaching browser, Medium doesn't know if it came from human or search engine. Hence they allow full article.


Medium Article:

Outline Link:

Top comments (6)

fardjad profile image

Or you could read the article without logging in to your Medium account (ie. read the article in a private window).

surjithctly profile image
Surjith S M

Nice find :)

yusufmalikul profile image
Yusuf Malikul Mulki

No longer work as of August 2023.

tedkozma profile image
Ted Kozma

I think the Medium has caught up with all this trickery.
Having a more than one account (tied to Gmail) helps to get more than 3 articles though..
Also, opening the article in Opera, in Incognito, with a VPN on adds some more, but not by much: I'm not sure how they are catching it.

zzjinux profile image
Jinwook Jeong

Regarding "Delete Cache", you can permanently block certain sites from settings cookies, bypassing the paywall seamlessly :)

prasanna28devadiga profile image

I didn't know about outline. Thanks, Surjith :)