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GPT Mental Health Chatbot💛 and Google Calendar API📆

Hi Everyone!
I have been working on a GPT Chatbot that...

  1. Talks to you for a while and understands your feelings
  2. Asks you 10 questions to plan your day
  3. Uses Google Calendar API to Build a schedule for you.

Motivation to do this

When I was in high school and preparing for a college entrance I achieved high level consistency and my Google Calendar Reflected it. It was more like a diary.

It looked like this.

Image description

This honestly made me happy because I had some sort of a plan for my life and I could visually see how it turned out.

The color scheme was also predefined. Light blue and yellow was work, pink was sleep, orange was neutral events and dark blue was R&R.

I want to share this amazing system that made me happy, made me more productive, and in general a much smarter person.

Also, at the moment I'm taking BZDs. Medications that make you feel "tranquillity". I want people to have that feeling without them meds.

React app + Firebase Functions Express Endpoint

Image description

This is where all the chats are combined and we get a response from the openAI api.

It is trained to go like a therapy session.

Google Calendar API

Okay getting the whole OAuth thing working was difficult and even now, my app is still in testing! But the GPT API can call functions and I made some sort of a function to add events to someone's calendar

Sample Chat response to Calendar

Image description

Image description
Please ignore the light time zone mismatch.

So lets talk about testers💛

Looking for Testers! Try tranqility out now!

As of now if you go to I don't think you'll be able to use it unless you are registered by me as a test user.

But with another account it did work without all this test user stuff, so just try it out, it'll barely take 20 seconds.

So, if anyone is interested in a light therapy session followed by day planning, comment your email address and I'll invite you!

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