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DEV Community Moderation

DEV works with a team of community moderators who help to uphold the Code of Conduct and foster a kind, inclusive, helpful community. Below, we’ll briefly discuss our different mod roles and talk about some of the reasoning behind our moderation tactics.

Who are DEV Mods?

DEV moderators are DEV community members who have either volunteered or been recruited to do things like:

  • help organize content so that it’s easy to find
  • facilitate conflict to keep conversations kind & productive
  • lessen the visibility of low-quality posts while also boosting high-quality articles

Importantly, mods are not being paid, but do this work because they value DEV and want to make the community a better place for folks that use it.

Moderator Roles

We have two main community moderator roles: Trusted Member and Tag Moderator.

A pyramid depicting the hierarchy of DEV Moderator roles. Trusted Member is at the bottom of the triangle; Tag Moderator is in the middle; Admin is at the top. The Admin section is grayed out to indicate that it's not a role open to community members

The primary thing to note about these roles is that all Tag Moderators are Trusted Members, but not all Trusted Members are Tag Moderators. So, all Tag Mods have access to Trusted Member abilities, meaning that they can use features like leaving emoji reactions and rating the experience level of posts. But Trusted Members do not have access to Tag Mod abilities like adding/removing tags from a post.

To learn more about these roles, please check out our Trusted Member Guide and Tag Moderation Guide.

Want to become a DEV Mod?

If you'd like to be a moderator, please check out our guides linked above for more info on how each role, Trusted Member or Tag Moderator, is acquired. Also, please review our Code of Conduct to make sure that you agree with our values and up for the task of enforcing our rules. Thank you very much!